Bearing Supplier in Essex

The hidden workforce in many a machine, bearings are hidden away but form an essential part to keep machinery moving. We understand the importance of sourcing good quality bearings for your required purpose - be it emergency repairs, maintenance or as part of the manufacturing process. Bearings will keep your machinery moving reliably, efficiently and smoothly.

You’ll save time and money when buying your bearings by speaking with one of our specialist advisers. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure you find the correct and the highest quality bearings to suit your requirements - you can call us today on 01462 676000 and we’ll help you with your bearings order.

If we don’t stock the bearings you need we can usually source and supply the exact bearings for your machinery or engine, using our industry contacts, manufacturers and most importantly many years of experience across all industries and applications where bearings are used.

What to consider when buying bearings

To save you time when sourcing your bearings we’ve put together some tips below to help you get started;

What application is it for?

It may sounds like an obvious question, but consider the application you need the bearing for - for example the environment it will be used in, dry, damp, dusty and so on will have an effect on the type of bearing you need. The temperature the bearing will be operating in also comes in to consideration, particularly high or lower operating temperatures will help us define the type of bearing you need - ensuring we supply you with the best possible product every time.

What kind of bearing do you need?

Bearings are more commonly open (the bearings are visible in their race), shielded (protected by a dust shield) or sealed (enclosed by a metal or rubber casing).

We can advise you on which type of bearing you will need, which will ensure you purchase the most reliable and safest solution for your particular application. Using the wrong type of bearing can be dangerous and expensive, we’ll help you choose the right product.

What quality of bearing suits your application?

Bearings come in a variety of quality levels, suitable for a variety of applications. For more high-precision specialist equipment you may need a higher grade bearing whereas cheaper or less important machinery may not require such as a high grade of bearing.

For orders or advice please call us today on 01462 676000.



Available in various materials from standard steel to stainless steel, thermoplastic housing and even in beryllium copper, glass and ceramic.

There are various applications for bearings from household products, food and production machines through to the aerospace industry.

Supplying Bearings from all the leading manufacturers in all the various options we can obtain the product required for your application from standard Ball Bearings and Housed Units to Spherical, Tapered and Needle Linear Bearings, shafts and rails are all supplied to order and machined to customer specification when required, with both metric and imperial sizes and over 20 brands available we can supply everything required to keep you moving.

Need to Install?

Ask about bearing heaters, Puller and fitting tool range.

All the additional products are available too including Ballscrews, Rod Ends, Oilite and Nilos Rings.

Areas Covered

We cover all areas of the U.K. and are conveniently located to supply bearings to the following locations: